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Artistic Impression 16/17 #1 – Tuesday 4th October 2016

October 4, 2016
Ballard School Fish Mackerel Chalk Charcoal

It’s all a little fishy…

Our students who work with our Art Department at Ballard School create amazing pieces of work, and in our Artistic Impression blog we take some time to focus of a sample of these. This week it is Year 3, Year 7 and Year 10 who take centre stage, or should that be waterside?!

Year 7

Year 7 are looking at Oceans this year.

We are starting off by looking at Vincent J Scarpace who does some amazing patterned black and white pictures as well as some very whacky painted fish which we will be doing as silk paintings later in the year.

Next week we are taking a break from the artist study to draw from life Mackerel using charcoal and chalk.

Ballard School Fish Mackerel Drawing

Sketching fish and Mackerel with Year 7 and 10

Mackerel madness

Y7 chalk and charcoal observation drawings of mackerel  -some of the final pieces

Ballard School Fish Mackerel Chalk Charcoal

Swim, fishy, swim! Mackerel drawings using chalk and charcoal

and here we have some of our Year 7s laminating their collages of the mackerel, in preparation for machine stitching definition next week!

Ballard School Art Fish year 7

Laminating our Mackeral Collages in preparation for machine sewing definition next week!


Reflections from the Art room

Ballard School Art Think Artist

“Think like an Artist”

When I asked the Y3 children, at the end of the lesson just now, who could tell me something that they have learnt today , one replied

“I have learnt that art is not just about making marks with a pencil or dabbing paint with a paintbrush it’s also about having a joyful heart!”

For more information on our Art department please visit our Art page on our Ballard School website.

Ballard School is private independent school in New Milton, Hampshire, providing an outstanding level of education for nursery to GCSE. With small class sizes and proven academic excellence, we strive to nurture the academic potential of all students. Learn more about our academic programmes, pastoral care, facilities and school ethos by visiting our website or by requesting a prospectus here.




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