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Artistic Impression 16/17 #3 – Tuesday 22 November 2016

November 22, 2016
Ballard School Art Weaving

Ballard School’s Art Department blog

This week we look deeper into the art produced by our Year 7s as part of their Ocean theme. We also cover pieces from some of our GCSE Art pupils. They are working on their controlled assessment portfolios. For more blogs  – do see our other Artistic Impression blogs.

Upper Prep Art

Year 7 Weaving

Our Year 7s are learning to weave.

Their designs are based on a seascape they have researched on the internet.

They have a huge variety of different materials to choose from:

  • wool, some with different textures and multi coloured,
  • sari silk off cuts,
  • beads,
  • tape,
  • ribbons,
  • buttons,
  • sequins,

It’s endless…

Year 7 Art - Weaving seascapes

Year 7 Art - Weaving seascapes

For more pictures, please do see our Flickr Album.

GCSE pieces

GCSE Artists are learning how to draw and shade using a biro. Here we have two pictures; a portrait and a night street theme.


Our Year 11s are also midway into their final response pieces. For these they work from a chosen theme. For example the turtle is based on ‘animals’ in the broadest sense.

Ballard School New Milton Art Turtle

From the Animal theme – a Turtle – part of a GCSE Art final coursework piece

Pupils research their chosen topic, study an appropriate artist, develop/make a composition up from all their work  and make it into a final design that is in the style of an artist they have studied. Finally they paint their piece!

Here are two more painting in progress…

Ballard Art Deer

Applying sequences to their Artwork


Ballard School Art

From the topic ‘Caged’ – all pupils choose from a theme.

The controlled assessment, or which these pieces are part, is worth 60% of the final grade for GCSE Art.

For more information on our Art department please visit our Art page on our Ballard School website.

Ballard School is co-educational independent school in New Milton, Hampshire, providing an outstanding level of education for nursery to GCSE. With small class sizes and proven academic excellence, we strive to nurture the academic potential of all students. Learn more about our academic programmes, pastoral care, facilities and school ethos by visiting our website or by requesting a prospectus here.


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