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Artistic Impression 2016/17 #5 – Tuesday 7th February 2017

February 7, 2017

Artistic Impression #5  -Upper Prep focus

All that’s funky…


Some of our Year 7’s are creating Funky Fish using MDF as the base and then adding collage materials to create the eye and other decoration. Some of the pupils are using door knobs for eyes and wooden spoons for tails.



Our Funky Fish get a make-over with nail details

Most are also adding nails and screws to create fins or for decorative purposes, some will paint the nails and some will thread beads onto them.  Some are using wire with beads and washers on them. The funkier the idea the better!

Year 8s go ‘Cubist’

Year 8’s are looking at Cubism, here you can see the students working on an artist research page, copying a painting by Picasso, Gris or Braque the three main Cubist artists. It’s a great way for them to learn how to use acrylic paints, learning how to colour match and blend their colours.


Music and Cubism

Art Workshops in January

Year 8 go large

 Year 8 ‘s theme this year is Music in its broadest sense. So far they have worked on a musical still life, working from observation, learning fundamental drawing , shading and mark making skills. They have looked at the Cubists as an artist research project and are now working on a cubist collage. They are now moving onto a musical clay project.

Once again we invited artist Steve Porter to come and work with our Year 7s and 8s. Steve designed some gigantic imaginative musical instruments. He made the wire and card armature, brought these into school for our Year 8s to work from. The pupils then applied papier Mache using newspaper and tissue paper and then painted them.

Year 7s go ‘into the deeps’

Steve, knowing that our year 7 theme for the year was the Sea, in its broadest sense, he decided on a mermaid. Steve designed and created the armature out of chicken wire and a cardboard box for the rock. Once again pupils took it in turn to come and work with Steve, spending approximately 25 mins with him. They applied papier Mache to the outside using newspaper and tissue paper, using acrylic paint for the final detail.

Year 7 have worked on seascape weaving (see other Artistic Impression blogs) , observation drawings of mackerel using various mediums, experimentation with different materials to re-create the mackerel.

Year 7 are now either working on Funky fish using wood, nails, paint, washers, door knobs and anything else we can find and others will be working on a clay project.


For more information on our Art department please visit our Art page on our Ballard School website.

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