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Heritage Open Day 2017 – an invite to visit Ballard School

July 26, 2017
Ballard Heritage Open Day 2017

Heritage Open Day 2017 – an invite to visit Ballard School

In 2016 Ballard opened its doors for the first time for a Heritage Open Day event. We are happy to say we had a fantastic turn-out for our first year with all our tours fully booked on the day. Visitors, former staff, current staff and pupils came to learn about the main school building which was built as a country house by the Ubsdell family.

Ballard Heritage Open Day 2016

Welcome to all those coming to our Ballard Heritage Open Day 2016

Photos from 2016

Ballard Heritage Open Day 2016

Our Heritage Room all laid out for the Ballard Heritage Open Day 2016

Ballard Heritage Open Day 2016

Ballard bears welcoming those who attended Ballard Heritage Open Day 2016

Ballard Heritage Open Day 2016

A tour group being shown round by staff from Ballard on the Ballard Heritage Open Day 2016

Ballard Heritage Open Day 2016

Ballard’s tour begins in the Heritage Room for Ballard Heritage Open Day 2016

We thank all those who helped us prepare Ballard for the event in September 2016 – and many of those return to help us in 2017!

Press from 2016

We had local interest in our event from Hampshire Life magazine online, Cadland (another local estate who opened for Heritage Open Day 2016) and Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We covered the event in our blog, seen here from our 2016 post.

Heritage Open Day 2017

This year, for the second year running, Ballard School is opening its main school building, formally ‘Great Ballard House’, to the public for heritage tours. Visitors will have a guided tour of the rooms and period features of the Arts and Crafts movement which include various fireplaces and original tile surrounds. Tours will be led by staff and volunteers at the school who have particular interest in the Great Ballard Estate, the Ubsdell family and local history. The dedicated Heritage Room includes plaques and photographs from a country estate to a modern, thriving school.

New for 2017

We will have a display on our Great Ballard estate through WW2 with details about which battalions were based here, who visited during WW2 and a chance to find out about life during WW2 at this Great Ballard estate.

Throughout the year we have been learning much about our Great Ballard estate during World War Two. As with many similar buildings and situations, schools were requisitioned by the military.

A local historian, Nick Saunders, writes about Ballard in a recent article (page 64-65)

In 1940, the school and its grounds were commandeered by the military. A number of infantry battalions were posted to the New Milton area and defended the coast line from Highcliffe through to Keyhaven with their headquarters based at Great Ballard. The war diaries reveal that Lt General Montgomery and Field Marshal Alan Brooke were among some of the senior officer who visited Great Ballard and inspected the defences.

Highcliffe Herald online article on Great Ballard House

Highcliffe Herald online article on Great Ballard House from August 2017 edition


Do read the full article on the history of the site and if you do have any photographs or postcards from the area, please do contact Nick Saunders on 01425 618549 as the article requests.

Booking on the day

Ballard School will be open for the Heritage Open Day 2017 from 09.30am until 12.30pm on Saturday 9th September 2017. There will be four free timed tours offered at 09.30am, 10.15am, 11.00am and 11.45am which will include a tour of some of the main rooms of the Great Ballard house. Please do book in on the day but arrive in plenty to time if you do not book ahead – in order to get a space on the tour!

The Heritage room will be open throughout the morning with the WW2 display and the outside area will include a reenactor bringing artifacts and information from the time of WW2.

Although booking is not required Alix Stockwell would be grateful to know if you are planning to come for refreshments’ purposes. Please email her on

We very much look forward to welcoming you to our school on Saturday 9th September 2017.

Ballard School Fireplaces Arts and Crafts

A snapshot of our interiors with original features – Ballard School

We tweet from @BallardSchool

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