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India Trip 2018 – Post one

April 1, 2018
Visiting the Red Fort, New Delhi

Our India tour 2018

Hello from our all encompassing tour of India including, current, pupils and their parents, staff and alumni. Although things didn’t start well with the coach arriving one and a half hours late and two visas being invalid once we arrived at Heathrow…great team work overcame these obstacles and we all took off on time!

Meeting Vikram

On arrival our excellent guide Vikram began to unpack a culturally fascinating tour so far.

We checked into our first hotel, enjoyed our first Indian style buffet then it was straight off to explore Delhi.

Visiting New Delhi

Visiting the Red Fort, New Delhi

Visiting the Red Fort, New Delhi


In New Delhi we visited the Red Fort as the temperature soared to 35 degrees. The highlight of the day was the most amazing white knuckle Rickshaw ride through the back street alleyways of Old Delhi. This was the most incredible experience dodging cars scooters and other rickshaws not to mention thousands of Indian pedestrians. We saw paper merchants, brightly coloured Sari shops and street food outlets. There were so many wires overhead that no one could tell which premises they belonged to! The sights and smells in such close proximity was as good an example of heaving humanity as one will ever see.

On our rickshaw ride through New Delhi

On our rickshaw ride through New Delhi

The long slow coach journey back to the hotel took in a night tour of Delhi and its floodlit Palaces, and Parliament houses which concluded an exhausting eighteen hour day!

Day 2 – Easter Sunday

Up early on Easter Sunday and straight off to the stunning Qutub Minar which is a 240 feet tall beautifully carved minuet. As well being very peaceful and sporting breathtaking architecture it also offered an insight into India’s religious history.

Agra, here we come

Then it was onto a brand new expressway towards Agra and hearts beat a little faster at the thought of a first sight of the Taj Mahal. On the way we stopped at Agra’s Red Fort (constructed from local sandstone ) which unveiled details of four generations of Mogul Emperors. Their defences had thought of everything and the right angled corners prevented elephants from being able to charge and break down the entrances in the event of attack! We also had a description of the earliest form of air conditioning involving cooling water in the breeze. The architecture was wonderful and there through the carved windows we caught our first glimpses of the Taj Mahal in the distance.

Back at our next hotel everyone enjoyed a relaxing swim amongst monkeys and parakeets before we ate dinner in our own dining room. Early night tonight before our 5.15am wake up tomorrow.

Bye for now – DD and JD

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