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India Trip 2018 – Post five

April 10, 2018
Meeting a class in Pushkar

Our India tour 2018

For more from our India trip in 2018, please see blog one, blog two , blog three. and blog four.

Day 7 – Ballard India tour

A desert ride


As we finished breakfast a fleet of jeeps arrived at our hotel ready to whisk us off into the desert. A short drive along the road soon turned to sandy tracks and up sand dunes. Eventually we got out and walked, accompanied by several nomad children playing music and riding on horse back. A quick rendition of ” Frère Jacques ” was closely followed by a near death experience when one of our group banged his head on the superstructure of the jeep when it braked sharply.

Visiting a local school

visiting a local school India

We visited a local school in Pushkar, India – a humbling experience

Next we had a humbling visit to a local school. It was Saturday but there were several children in pre school and the class we visited contained thirty five bright eyed youngsters sitting on the floor and eager to learn from their teachers. Several staff enjoyed interacting with the children who looked so smart in their brown uniforms. Some parents took gifts of paper and pencils into the school and they were gratefully received.

Meeting a class in Pushkar

Meeting a class in Pushkar

Visiting a temple and bazaar

In complete contrast we next engaged in the Bhrama Temple experience, viewed the sacred lake and finished off with more shopping in the local bazaar. By now it was extremely hot and lunch came not a moment too soon. However Mrs Dunn would not join the coach until she had chosen some blocks for the Art Department which will be used for block printing next term….

Buying printing blocks

Mrs D stocking up on her printing blocks for our school art department!

made to measure suits India

The boys with their made to measure suits, done in 24hrs and then transported from Pushkar to Jaipur

The afternoon was spent swapping stories around the swimming pool. The new made-to-measure (bespoke!) clothing arrived after a four hour ride from Jaipur and everyone gathered around to write the blog after supper. It was great to have so much advice …….

Bye for now – DD and JD

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