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India Trip 2018 – Post six

April 11, 2018
Tuk Tuk ride in India

Our India tour 2018

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Day 9 – Ballard India tour

The luxury of a lie in and a late breakfast was well received and a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday to you ” greeted the arrival of one of our group on the occasion of her birthday.

Packing up, ready to travel

The group enjoyed a relaxing morning around the the pool at the Jagat Palace putting off the inevitable packing up to begin our long journey home. However, in typical tour style, the journey still held much excitement with a visit to Ajmer for lunch where, thanks to thoughtful planning by JD and Vikram, a gorgeous birthday cake was waiting for the birthday girl.

Happy birthday in India

A lovely birthday cake for the birthday girl

After lunch, packed suppers, Indian style, were distributed before we made our way to the local railway station. As the coach is forbidden from getting too close to the station the party mounted motorized three wheeled Tuk Tuks for a “Whacky Races” style trip along crowded roads. This was great fun!

Tuk Tuk ride in India

Described as ‘Whacky Races’ – our Tuk Tuk ride in India

An Indian Railway station

The railway station was an interesting experience with its business as a wide variety of people, from all walks of life, waited to board the train to Delhi. We were travelling first class so we had numbered seats in air conditioned coaches but many of our fellow travellers were crammed in to their coaches with little room and their windows were replaced by metal bars for their safety. That said, our first class tickets cost less than ten pounds each, including three full meals and copious cups of tea for those who wanted them. The journey lasted seven hours and afforded some fascinating views from mountain top shrines to small villages across this section of rural India. The coaches were full of families and this colourful sight was coupled with excited conversations about what lay ahead for the travellers once we reached Delhi. We were served with snacks and drinks throughout the journey and Josh described his Kachori as resembling a Cornish pasty!

Indian reflections

The long journey gave members of the group time to reflect upon all they had seen and experienced throughout the past nine days; the sights, customs, traditions, history, smells and tastes of India!

The country has a unique way of awakening the senses and leaving you wanting to see more. Our experiences have all been put into context by our superb guide, Vikram. The insights are those of an intelligent man who is knowledgeable and proud of his country, what a fine ambassador! He has never left India but perhaps we will be welcoming him to Ballard one day…

Bye for now – DD and JD

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