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Year 6 Trip 2018 – #BallardNormandie – Blog One

July 5, 2018

BallardNormandie – Blog one

On the ferry



It’s all about crème glacée (Ice-cream)

2018.07.02 Y6 UP Ballard Normandie ice-creams Day 1 LR crop

Trying out their French already – ordering ice-creams

Ballard Year 6 Normandie trip ice-creams

Asking for an ice-cream in French

Flower shop

Florist in Normandie

Florist in Normandie

We went on a town trail in Avranches to explore the town centre and put our French into practice: following directions and looking for clues, through small cobbled streets, squares, gardens and a ruined castle. It was a close race to the meeting point. Great team work and using our French.

Mont St-Michel

Strolling round the steps

Strolling round the steps in Michel

We also went for a stroll around the ramparts, learning about the angel Michel, his conversation with St Aubert, how the English sank in the bay and failed to capture the Mont, while Germans succeeded in WW2. Of course we had to do a bit of shopping in the real Diagon Alley!

Year 6 Normandie Mont-St Michel

Year 6 Normandie Mont-St Michel

Then into the bay itself, enjoying squishy clay between our toes and navigating patches of deeper sand in order to find the perfect spot for quick sand making.

Year 6 made such a good one that we all took turn pretending to sink and getting out of it!

Walk around Michel

Happy faces for our walk

Mont St-Michel

Happy smiles and waves in Michel

Tweets from the group:

“Still not enough Wi-Fi for photos but…Tonight’s options have been swimming, volleyball, football both playing and watching, and spending time with the animals. Today we walked for miles and are looking forward to bedtime”

We are sorry we have not been able to bring you more from our group in Normandie – perhaps more will come through today! Ed.

A final evening

This involved – French costume, a barbecue, swimming, football and preparations for dorm inspection and…Mr Marshall has arrived!

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